Ten Facts You May Not Know About Alzheimer’s Disease–and Should

  1. AD begins to damage the brain 20 or more years before its first symptom appears.
  2. An initial, presumed diagnosis may be due to other, reversible causes.
  3. No effective treatment exists to prevent or delay AD symptoms.
  4. Cures do not exist for AD.
  5. It is not a part of normal aging.
  6. But age does increase risk, doubling it every five years after the age of 65.
  7. Females are at higher risk than males.
  8. Early-onset AD, before age 65, affects about 5% of AD patients and is genetic.
  9. After age 85, the risk of late-onset AD is almost one in every two people.
  10. If you have Alzheimer’s Disease, you will die with it.

Remember. Fight Back against Alzheimer’s. Now.

Taken from my book, Not Going Gently. Available on Amazon.com.