Smoothie Preparation

If you haven’t already seen our Dr. Tom Wu’s Cancer Healing Treatment video posted earlier under Surviving Lung Cancer (, watch it now to learn how we can make the smoothie preparations for a week all at one time in just a half hour. We prepare the ingredients needed for one week and distribute them among 7 containers that we put into the refrigerator.  Each day we take out one container and THEN blend the smoothie for that day.  It’s better to drink it immediately, but Dr. Wu says we can cover the pitcher and the smoothie will be fine for several hours.

Pressing (as in a juicer) is not as good as using the high speed 3.5 hp blender because a juicer extracts only the juice, whereas the healthiest part of the vegetables is in the skin and seeds–the part we normally throw away after the juice is squeezed out.  The 3.5 hp blender grinds up the entire vegetable to a consistency fine enough for our cells to absorb and wastes none of the good phytochemicals that the cells need.  We can even grind avocado pits in our blender!  Obviously, you can’t blend the skins of kiwis or pineapples, so use your judgment. You’re right–sweet potatoes and yams are probably too sweet, and sugar is very bad because cancer feeds on sugar.