Qingdao, most attractive metropolis to talents in 2019

来源: 时间:2019-12-03 14:17:22


The list of the most attractive metropolis to talents in 2019 was released recently at the ceremony of the China Best Employer Award. Chengdu, Ningbo, Qingdao and Wuxi made the list.

Statistics show that 43.98 percent of the non-local talents working in Qingdao are with undergraduate or above education background. To date, Qingdao has attracted around 224,000 talents of various types in 2019, enlarging the total number of talents to 2.05 million in Qingdao. With obvious advantages of high-caliber talents gathering and continuous optimization of the talent development environment, Qingdao has named among the top 10 most attractive Chinese cities to foreign talents for 8 consecutive years. Its attractiveness to young talents has been significantly improved. 48.6 percent graduates once studied in Qingdao are willing to stay in Qingdao, up 8.6 percent year on year.

The China Best Employer Award was jointly launched by zhaopin.com and the social research center of Peking University to measure the influence of city brands from the perspective of talent flow and vitality.