Part Three: One Man’s Journey

It takes a lot of courage to go against the advice of two medical specialists, especially in life and death matters.  But Ed was resolute.  If he had only a short time to live, he did not want it to be a miserable period, fighting the effects of drugs in order to eke out another two or three months on earth––the average life extension cited for the group using the drugs in the study the oncologist recommended (as compared to the control group).

Treating cancer would involve a different set of procedures, but what should they be? We had both been leading what we thought were healthy lives.  We took vitamins almost religiously and walked two to three miles almost daily.  Besides having given up smoking in 1982, we quit eating red meat that same year. We watched salt intake, went light on desserts, and maintained our weights within reasonable limits. Other than giving up coffee (Ed) and wine (both of us), there wasn’t much more we could do to build a strong immune system. Or was there?

Oh, yes, there was. Through our research, we uncovered several key elements that played pivotal roles in strengthening Ed’s immune system.