Part Seven: One Man’s Journey

As it turned out, on Dr. Wu’s program ‘man does not live by food and drink alone,’ to paraphrase Matthew’s gospel. In addition to the lecithin granules and bee pollen added to the blender when making a smoothie, Ed was given a complete smorgasbord of other vitamins and supplements to take on a schedule that kept him busy throughout the day. In Part Four I’ve already told you about the two strong supplements that Ed had started to take just before his surgery in 2003, Poly MVA and ImmPower.  Two years later he stopped taking those, but continued on with the list of pills below.

Remember, this was Ed’s recipe for surviving a cancer he already had, all part of detoxing, building the immune system, and destroying cancer cells. But I must tell you that the list of supplements for reducing the risk of lung cancer is similar, although with smaller amounts and a more flexible schedule (outlined in Dr. Wu’s Different Approach book). One needs to be motivated, and if avoiding lung cancer, chemotherapy, and radiation are not motivating, I don’t know what is.  So here goes.

(The numbers given are for ordering the supplements from or online from Dr. Wu does not receive any royalties).)

To survive lung cancer:

1/2 hour before breakfast, take:

  • 4 Digestive Enzymes (912 A) to help digestion and also digest cancer cells
  • 2 Superbiotics (103 B) to replenish intestinal flora
  • 1 MPC (629A) to enhance microphage activity with glyconutrients

With breakfast, take:

  • 6 EFAs (138) essential fatty acids to support each cell’s membrane and lubricate the arteries
  • 1 CoQ10 to speed up metabolism and increase ATP energy in each cell; to help support heart function
  • 1 Gastracid (385A) to help absorb nutrients
  • 1 Alpha Lipoic Acid (617) to help the liver function better

1/2 to 1 hour before lunch, take:

  • 4 Digestive Enzymes (912A)
  • 2 Prostazymes (108) for men, to help the prostate gland

With lunch, take:

  • 1 CoQ10
  • 6 EFAs (138)
  • 1 Gastracid (385A) after protein
  • 4 Digestive Enzymes (#912A) after other foods

1/2 to 1 hour before dinner, take:

  • 2 Superbiiotics (103B)
  • 2 Prostazymes (108)

With dinner take:

  • 1 CoQ10
  • 2 BHB plus (910) metabolite for thyroid, adrenal glands, liver and kidney
  • 1 Gastracid (385A) after protein
  • 4 Digestive Enzymes (#912A) after other foods
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (617)

You can understand why Ed was seldom hungry on this diet of smoothies and pills, and even though Dr. Wu had told him he could eat some steamed foods (fish, organic chicken, or vegetables) occasionally, Ed seldom did. He went from 167 pounds to 149 pounds, but at his 72nd birthday party just a month after the surgery, guests could not believe how good he looked!  Best of all, he had tons of energy.

And that is even before what I’ll cover next time:  the magic Biowave machine!