Part Four: One Man’s Journey

Nutritional Supplementation

Certainly we needed to become more informed.  We researched lung cancer extensively via the Internet and volumes of research studies.  We also carefully combed through all the back issues we had saved of the various alternative health newsletters we’d subscribed to over several years. It was in these newsletters that we found the most helpful information:  the names of two supplements that promised powerful action against cancer cells.

The first was Poly MVA, a liquid supplement with various minerals, B-complex vitamins, palladium, and both Alpha lipoic acid and amino acids. Poly MVA was said to increase the cellular energy level, thereby repairing genes damaged by cancer.  The second supplement was ImmPower, a proprietary mixture of fermented mushroom hybrids that promised to boost the immune system by supporting NK (natural killer) cells. (Both of these supplements are still available online in 2014, eleven years later.)

Although neither supplement had AMA approval, both had studies that supported them.  Ed began taking Poly MVA and ImmPower even before his scheduled surgery, and we were certain that they played a key role in helping him recover faster from the operation. However, we were concerned that there could be an adverse interaction from taking them concurrently. We needed the advice of a good nutritionist.

Going back to the Internet, we found two nutritionists in the Bay area who had the particular kind of background and education we were seeking.  We went to see both of them, coincidentally on the same day. The advice from the morning doctor was basically the same as the advice from the afternoon doctor:  continue taking the two supplements and begin a diet mainly composed of freshly crushed fruits and vegetables.  We chose the doctor whose office was closer to our home.  Ed has been following his program every since.