Part Eight: One Man’s Journey

Ten days after Ed’s first visit to Dr. Wu, we made an appointment to see the doctor again.  Although he had said we would not need to come back, we still had a number of questions, especially about making and storing the “smoothies.” I was so glad we went.  Dr. Wu clarified and modified what the other nutrition doctor had said, i.e., the smoothie did not have to be consumed within twenty minutes and then discarded.  We could cover the blender with a bag to keep out the light and then drink the remainder a few hours later.

Also, Dr. Wu told us, we could wash several batches of vegetables at one time. This made my life so much easier because I could then prep four days worth of smoothies at once instead of six times each day! (In fact, now that Ed is on a maintenance diet and only drinking smoothies twice a day, we are planning to create a youtube video to demonstrate how we now quickly prepare the ingredients for a week’s worth of smoothies––storing all the ingredients for one day (except fruit and liquid) in a separate container to be emptied into the blender that day.)

But the most exciting news on our second visit was Dr. Wu’s demonstration of what he called the ‘Qijong Biowave machine.’  He suggested that Ed might want to try using it since others had had excellent results.  Ed was ready to experiment. We purchased it, a small machine that has frequencies set for a wide variety of diseases and ailments. After programming the machine to the appropriate automatic sequence(s), the user sits back with hand-held electrode wands and feels the comfortable sensation of electromagnetic waves moving up through his arms. Ed set the sequences for cancer and for lungs and began to use the machine twice a day.

Just how safe, and how experimental was this biowave machine? We really did not know at first. But not long after Ed first started using it, we read a report in the August 2003 Lark Letter by a reputable Stanford doctor, Dr. Susan Lark. She related the history of Dr. Royal Rife, a “medical visionary. . . .best known for creating a microscope that could see virus-sized organisms, and a radio frequency-emitting ray tube that could target and kill specific microorganisms. . . .allowing patients to become free of whatever disease was ailing them, including cancer.” Using his discoveries, Rife patiently identified the correct frequencies that could destroy each virus without harming normal tissue and, after demonstrating its safety on animals, developed  a prototype biowave machine in 1934. The human cancer treatments were incredibly successful, and word spread among doctors and patients until it reached the ears of the AMA. The rest of the story is quite sad. Eventually Rife lost his practice as both his machines and his records were destroyed, and he died a broken man in Mexico in 1971.  None of his original work exists, but the concept of using energy to heal disease continues.

Although conventional medicine remains slow to develop the technique, new companies have revived Dr. Rife’s research and developed machines that are legal to own in the U.S. for personal research and experimental purposes at home. Ed used his machine twice a day for many years.  If you would like more information to investigate further on your own, please contact me through this website.

In the next post, I’ll tell how we expanded the idea of using energy to heal, this time in a spiritual direction.