My supplements to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

I have been asked what supplements I rely on to prevent and/or postpone Alzheimer’s disease. I must confess that I don’t take a lot of pills every day.  The research on supplements is not very conclusive, partly because of the difficulty of doing a controlled, double-blind study and partly because of the possible placebo effect.  In terms of protecting against AD and cognitive decline, supplements rank below 1. exercise and 2. Mediterranean diet, but probably above 4. most games that rely on memory but don’t do so well at forming new neurons (i.e., learning something new, especially with passion, is much better).

That said, I do take a few pills a few days a week, and if I skip for very long, I begin to notice a difference in short-term memory and attention skills.  Currently, here is what I am taking.
EFA’s (especially w. Omega 3’s) –1,000 mg
CoQ10 –100 mg
Alpha lipoic acid — 200 mg
B vitamins — I take a multi-vitamin called Thyroid Essentials for the B’s
Vit D3 — 1,000 or 2,000 mg

DMAE –250 mg (boosts neurotransmitter acetylcholine)
Phosphatidylserine– 100 mg
Glutathione–200 mg
Acetyl L Carnitine — 450 mg
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine — 350 mg

I don’t take all of these the same day–my system is not very structured.   The first five above are for general health, heart, muscles, etc.  Beginning with DMAE, the last five are especially for brain function, cognitive support, and memory.  I’m not a very good scientist because even for myself, my method is so random I can’t tell you which pills work the best (altho I’m partial to Glutathione).  I really should start a system of trying one pill at a time, but I seem to be too busy to add an experiment.