We have a misunderstanding. You do not have to sprout the quinoa and buckwheat. You mix the grains with the sprouted beans that I described (the white, thick sprouted beans). I’m not familiar with blue pea sprouts, but Dr. Wu included sprouted pea beans in the salad, so I’m sure they are okay to use.
Himalayan salt will be fine.
Cancer cells cause wasting of the body, which includes shrinking of muscle mass. Cancer cells don’t “eat” muscle mass; they eat sugar.

Hot boiling water would not be a good idea because too much heat damages the phytochemicals. Warm water is okay.
Lightly steamed or blanched French beans are fine, just don’t boil foods for the above reason.

You’re doing great! Keep up all your efforts. Pretty soon this will seem like the normal way to eat and you’ll wonder how you ate so many other things before!