Dr. Tom Wu’s Cancer Treatment Video

Ed and I created a YouTube video to show how to make the smoothies and prepare a week’s supply of ingredients in a short time. It was published on YouTube on February 4, 2015.  You can view it at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0DgaDTUzi8  (for the link, click twice on the video title above).  

Part Nine: One Man’s Journey

The fourth change that Ed made was subtler and a bit more difficult to explain and describe.  It’s not enough to say that Ed and I turned to God; even the most convinced atheist might be tempted to pray when diagnosed with cancer.  In our case, prayer and meditation have always been a part of […]

Part Eight: One Man’s Journey

Ten days after Ed’s first visit to Dr. Wu, we made an appointment to see the doctor again.  Although he had said we would not need to come back, we still had a number of questions, especially about making and storing the “smoothies.” I was so glad we went.  Dr. Wu clarified and modified what the […]

Part Seven: One Man’s Journey

As it turned out, on Dr. Wu’s program ‘man does not live by food and drink alone,’ to paraphrase Matthew’s gospel. In addition to the lecithin granules and bee pollen added to the blender when making a smoothie, Ed was given a complete smorgasbord of other vitamins and supplements to take on a schedule that kept him busy throughout […]

Part Six: One Man’s Journey

Foods to Avoid: Just as rigorous as the first diet on this program had been, the second part had its challenges as well.  After the first six months (when Ed had completely stopped eating any foods except the few that I mentioned earlier, i.e., the “smoothie,” raw carrots, raw salads, and nuts), he began what Dr. Wu […]

Part Five: One Man’s Journey

Diet Modifications: Ed’s diet modifications were based on two basic strategies: those nutrients to consume and those to avoid.  This may sound familiar to anyone who has ever been on a diet, but no one we knew had ever been on a diet like this! Nutrient Consumption: The first six months of Ed’s program were […]

Part Four: One Man’s Journey

Nutritional Supplementation Certainly we needed to become more informed.  We researched lung cancer extensively via the Internet and volumes of research studies.  We also carefully combed through all the back issues we had saved of the various alternative health newsletters we’d subscribed to over several years. It was in these newsletters that we found the most helpful […]

Part Three: One Man’s Journey

It takes a lot of courage to go against the advice of two medical specialists, especially in life and death matters.  But Ed was resolute.  If he had only a short time to live, he did not want it to be a miserable period, fighting the effects of drugs in order to eke out another […]

Part Two: One Man’s Journey

The first question everyone asks is whether or not Ed is or was a smoker.  Indeed he was.  Although he had smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for over thirty-three years, he had quit for the past twenty-one years.  The more we learn about lung cancer, the more we find that while smoking has […]