We have a misunderstanding. You do not have to sprout the quinoa and buckwheat. You mix the grains with the sprouted beans that I described (the white, thick sprouted beans). I’m not familiar with blue pea sprouts, but Dr. Wu included sprouted pea beans in the salad, so I’m sure they are okay to use. […]

Diet Choices

1. The vegetable soup and brown rice tea sound fine, but I would limit them to once or twice a week. The idea of the raw food diet is to avoid all the things used in preparation of food and to break down (with the blender) all the phytochemicals in the raw food so that […]

Smoothie Preparation

If you haven’t already seen our Dr. Tom Wu’s Cancer Healing Treatment video posted earlier under Surviving Lung Cancer (, watch it now to learn how we can make the smoothie preparations for a week all at one time in just a half hour. We prepare the ingredients needed for one week and distribute them among 7 containers that we put into […]

Foods to Avoid

In response to mail I’ve received, I’d like to answer questions about surviving cancer, especially lung cancer, in the next four posts.  This first one will be about foods to avoid. In order to avoid putting any more toxins into the body, especially during that critical first period of 6-9 months of cleansing out all […]