Active mind key to delaying Alzheimer’s

People who are carriers of the APOE4 gene and who have at least 14 years of education had lower levels of beta amyloid plaques in middle age IF they remained mentally active!  BUT people with that same gene and years of education had higher levels of amyloid plaques if they did not keep mentally active, according […]

Good News from Two Important Studies about AD

We know that the hippocampus is a key part of the brain, responsible for processing short-term memory of everyday facts and names and storing them in long-term memory. In a “healthy” brain the hippocampus works well. But when the hippocampus begins to fail, “senior moments” start to occur. Both of the following neuroscience studies suggest […]

A Pill to Reverse Alzheimer’s?

Dr. Frank Longo at Stanford U. School of Medicine is now conducting phase II human trials on a drug called LM11A-31, or C31. Already successful in mice and proven safe in humans, the drug interrupts the signals that cause neurons to deteriorate. Not only is C31 valuable for preventing Alzheimer’s and other dementias, but mice studies show […]

Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s possible with new dye

A scientific breakthrough from scientists at the University of Granada could contribute significantly to the early diagnosis of diseases such as  Alzheimer’s. A new fluorescent dye capable of detecting, in a single test lasting 20 minutes, the presence of phosphate and biothiol inside living cells can identify the presence of Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer, […]

New Alz. drug may also combat aging

An experimental drug to fight Alzheimer’s disease has an amazing effect in aging mice models.  The drug candidate, J147, produced better memory and cognition, healthier blood vessels in the brain, and other improved physiological features in the treated mice, according to the November 12, 2015 journal  Aging. Previous studies by the research team at Salk Institute had found […]

Brain’s immune system may remove plaques

Culminating years of investigation, a team at the University of Rochester recently reported in the Journal of Neuroinflammation their findings that microglia, “tricked” into action, reduced more than 60 percent of amyloid beta in the brains of mouse models. Microglia cells are part of the brain’s immune system that defend against inflammation caused by injury and […]

Alzheimer’s synapse damage repair

An international research team in Heidelberg has succeeded in repairing damage in the synapses between nerve cells.  Injection of a key protein, APPsa (by using viral gene shuttles), elicited repairs and clearly improved spatial memory in the brains of Alzheimer’s mouse models. Earlier studies by this group had shown that APPsa is essential in regulating […]

Can Exercise Keep You from Bankruptcy?

People exercise for lots of good reasons: to lose weight, to gain strength, to build up endurance. But what about to prevent bankruptcy as they age?   Two recent studies published in the New York Times give a clue to the connection.   Scientists have known for a long time that exercise, even as little […]

Top Supplements to Fight Alzheimer’s

The best vitamins are Vitamin D–even a moderate deficiency of this substance (really a hormone) can raise the risk of AD by 53%––especially critical for older people who don’t absorb or make Vitamin D.  All of the B vitamins are critical, especially B6 (produces neurotransmitters) and B12 (insulates nerve cells in the brain). Omega-3 fatty […]