Alzheimer’s disease reversed!

All of the 10 people in a small trial at UCLA and the Buck institute showed dramatic reversal of memory loss after several months on a therapeutic program that included the components listed in this video, with the exception that the program added optimized oral hygiene and the elimination of gluten, simple carbs, and processed foods to what I listed. It is important to note that while all of the patients in the program had MCI or had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s before the program began and 9 of the 10 had at least one copy of APOE4, the follow-up testing showed some of the patients going from abnormal to normal, even returning to work. This program gives great hope for the New Directions in Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease as we await new trials with many more subjects. Please click on this link to watch the video:

New Directions in Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease
In this video Dr. Constance Vincent summarizes dramatic new approaches in early prevention of Alzheimer’s disease–still our very best hope.