It’s not all plaques and tangles!!

Dr. Rudolph Tanzi, a leading Alzheimer’s researcher at Harvard, has stated (AARP Bulletin, 10/2016) that although many genes cause the plaques and the tau tangles, those two factors combined do not lead to Alzheimer’s disease UNLESS there is also resulting “inflammation” from the two that “sets the brain on fire.”  Dr. Tanzi stated that autopsies of individuals who […]

Latest Alz. Treatments Fight Inflammation

The most recent Alzheimer’s research has been focused on the role of inflammation, already known to be a primary cause of several other diseases.  The amyloid plaques and tau tangles of Alzheimer’s disease cause inflammation in the brain; the inflammation then damages the brain’s microglia (immune) cells whose role is to remove the dangerous protein clumps. […]