Great news about lowering AD risk!!

Here’s some good news for a change! “Virtually any type of aerobic physical activity can improve brain structure and reduce Alzheimer’s risk.” That’s not from me; it’s from the UCLA Med Center and U. of Pittsburgh after their 30-year research study of 876 patients, average age 78. Whether the exercise was gardening, dancing, walking, or […]

Western diet, sedentary lifestyle contribute to AD

Recent research at Tufts University has established associations between eating a western diet and being sedentary with an increased susceptibility to Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, the estimate is that a combination of diet and inactivity contributes to as many as 25% of Alzheimer’s cases. However, the exact disease mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease are still under study.

Stem cell transplant helps immune cells in brain

A lack of immune cells to fight the bacterial and viral infections is associated with Alzheimer’s disease because B and T cells are needed to make antibodies that improve the microglia’s ability to clear away beta-amyloid plaques. Without the immune cells, there was  a two-fold increase in the beta-amyloid plaques of test mice.  Then the research team […]

Active mind key to delaying Alzheimer’s

People who are carriers of the APOE4 gene and who have at least 14 years of education had lower levels of beta amyloid plaques in middle age IF they remained mentally active!  BUT people with that same gene and years of education had higher levels of amyloid plaques if they did not keep mentally active, according […]