Good News from Two Important Studies about AD

We know that the hippocampus is a key part of the brain, responsible for processing short-term memory of everyday facts and names and storing them in long-term memory. In a “healthy” brain the hippocampus works well. But when the hippocampus begins to fail, “senior moments” start to occur. Both of the following neuroscience studies suggest […]

A Pill to Reverse Alzheimer’s?

Dr. Frank Longo at Stanford U. School of Medicine is now conducting phase II human trials on a drug called LM11A-31, or C31. Already successful in mice and proven safe in humans, the drug interrupts the signals that cause neurons to deteriorate. Not only is C31 valuable for preventing Alzheimer’s and other dementias, but mice studies show […]

Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s possible with new dye

A scientific breakthrough from scientists at the University of Granada could contribute significantly to the early diagnosis of diseases such as  Alzheimer’s. A new fluorescent dye capable of detecting, in a single test lasting 20 minutes, the presence of phosphate and biothiol inside living cells can identify the presence of Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer, […]