Tips for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

This featured article described changes in communication patterns and other ideas for caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease. It appeared in FYI, Forever Young Information, in October, 2015.  The website is This article was also published in The Epoch Times online on  December 18, 2015:

New Alz. drug may also combat aging

An experimental drug to fight Alzheimer’s disease has an amazing effect in aging mice models.  The drug candidate, J147, produced better memory and cognition, healthier blood vessels in the brain, and other improved physiological features in the treated mice, according to the November 12, 2015 journal  Aging. Previous studies by the research team at Salk Institute had found […]

Brain’s immune system may remove plaques

Culminating years of investigation, a team at the University of Rochester recently reported in the Journal of Neuroinflammation their findings that microglia, “tricked” into action, reduced more than 60 percent of amyloid beta in the brains of mouse models. Microglia cells are part of the brain’s immune system that defend against inflammation caused by injury and […]

Alzheimer’s synapse damage repair

An international research team in Heidelberg has succeeded in repairing damage in the synapses between nerve cells.  Injection of a key protein, APPsa (by using viral gene shuttles), elicited repairs and clearly improved spatial memory in the brains of Alzheimer’s mouse models. Earlier studies by this group had shown that APPsa is essential in regulating […]